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Transactional Email

A Transactional Email is an Automated Message which fulfils the purpose of Conveying Automated Messages to your subscribers based on their actions on your application or website.
It will be Triggered by the Unique Behaviour of your Subscriber.

The Importance of
Transactional Emails
  • Builds confidence of your customer.
  • Increases your sales.
  • Augments brand notoriety
  • Raises Customer Engagement.

Builds confidence of your customer

Communication is the key for building confidence of your customer. When you provide feedback for your customers, it makes them trust in your brand especially if the feedback is related to a monetary transaction.

Increases your sales

Along with the feedback, your customers also are able to view products in the email which has similar description or accessories for the product purchased. Even if the customer didn’t have in mind about those products, they might think of making a purchase for the same.

Augments brand notoriety

When the customer is purchasing your product for the first time, the order confirmation email or the feedback email keeps them aware about your brand. Your templates get the attention of your clients, which makes them remember about you in the future.

Raises Customer Engagement

Transactional Emails make the customer feel appreciated to which they interact with your brand even more and develop an emotional connection with you. They are likely to follow all your social media accounts, thus making you gain popularity.

Types of Transactional Email

  • Opt-In confirmation email and account activation emails.
  • Order Confirmation and Receipt Emails.
  • Shipping Confirmation.
  • Delivery Confirmation.

  • Feedback Emails
  • Password Reset Emails.
  • Subscription Renewal Emails.
  • Cart Abandonment Emails.

Opt-In confirmation email and account activation emails

These emails make sure that the customers are aware that after signing up for your brand, the account is active.

Order Confirmation and Receipt Emails.

This is a very important type of transactional Email as it involves monetary transactions. Customers are usually paranoid when it comes to payment of a particular product online, but on providing order and receipt email it makes them at ease and thus building trust in you.

Shipping Confirmation

Your customers are always very excited for their package to arrive. Shipping confirmation makes them aware from where the product is shipped and where it has reached and what is the estimated delivery time. It is very likely that these emails will be opened.

Delivery Confirmation

This helps the customer to track if their product is delivered to them safely and to the right address.

Feedback Emails

An email which consists of a link for the feedback is important because it makes you understand if the product they got was in a good condition or what do they think about the product and whether they received the product true to their expectation.

Password Reset Emails

These are an essential, because when a customer forgets their password and if the password reset feature through mail is not available, they use a different platform thus reducing one potential or loyal customer.

Subscription Renewal Emails.

It makes the customer know that the service provided to them will be ending soon and they can get the subscription renewed to continue using the services.

Cart Abandonment Emails

Making your customers aware through the email that a product they wish to purchase is still waiting for them.

How can you put Transactional Email to its best use?
  • Create beautiful, attractive yet informative template.
  • Use a ‘reply-to’ email address to grow your engagement.
  • Give importance to security
  • Be specific about the email.