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Promotional Email

A Promotional Email is sent to your Existent Customers to make them aware of their New Products, New Offers & Discounts and Limited Time Deals.

It is one of the ways that adds more incentive to your blooming business and also drives more sales. The main goal of promotional marketing is to speed up the sales and convince the customers to make purchases.

How to Write Successful
Promotional Email

If your promotional email is not attractive, there are possibilities that your customer even though have opened the mail, might not read the content inside it. Personalise your email subject. Never put too much of content because the attention span of a person is very less. Make use of strong and effective phrases.

Importance of Promotional Email
  • Drives sales
  • Increases traffic on your website/social media
  • Build even stronger relationship with your existing customers.
  • Brand loyalty.

Best Practices
  • Make beautiful templates to attract customers
  • Create a proper email marketing plan
  • Tell the customers about benefits and not features.